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Yuying Luo, also known as Dorothy Luo or Luoluo, a freelance illustrator from China with a BA from Tsinghua University and an MA from Cambridge School of Art.


Dorothy specializing in creating vivid and captivating digital illustrations for editorial, advertising, and children's books. Her illustrations encompass a diverse range of characters, animals, plants, and engaging narratives. She excels in using bold and vibrant colors, drawing inspiration from narratives, printmaking and textile patterns. 


Recently moved to the UK, Dorothy is actively exploring new connections while exploring personal and professional opportunities.

      罗玉盈,笔名罗落DorothyLuo, 现居英国的自由职业插画师。毕业于清华大学美术学院染服系和剑桥艺术学院儿童绘本插画系。主要从事商业插画和出版项目,曾与三联新知《少年》杂志、荣信文化遨游猫童书、中信出版社、上海少年儿童出版社、天天出版社等多家国内知名出版公司和出版社合作,为数十本杂志和图书等创作插画。


AI-AP American Illustration 42 Chosen Winner

AOI World Illustration Award 2023 Shortlisted

3x3 international illustration Professional Show no.20​ Distinguished Merit

Hii Illustration 2022 Best of the Best & Merit Award


Select Clients

YOUTH Sanlian Lifeweek, Ronshin Group, CITIC Press Group, Shanghai Juvenile & Children's Publishing House, Tiantian Publishing House,

AQUILA (Children's Magazine), FINE ACTS

Open for commissions

any inquiries or just say hi

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